What’s New in iPhone 5?

Apple (AAPL) is all set to unleash its latest product “iPhone 5”. With the releasing date getting nearby, this most awaited product has ignited a criticism that the company is not offering unique version of specifications but just moving on because of its brand appeal. Owing to the marketing strategy of Apple, people opt for this smart phone as a fashion accessory rather than a telecommunication device.

That’s why the enthusiasts of Apple are prone to purchase any of the new released products even though the product owns simple functionality and design but with raw computing armaments. It’s very important for the financial analysts and Silicon Valley competitors to acknowledge the fact that specifications are highly inappropriate to the bottom line. The logo of Apple solely is worth of tens of billions of dollars in Wall Street terms when it comes to “goodwill”.


Let’s acknowledge the specifications of Apple iPhone 5. Weighing 112 grams, the Apple iPhone 5 is 2.3 inches wide, 4.9 inches tall and 7.6 mm in thickness. Likewise this smart phone features a 4” screen that displays graphics at 1136 by 640 pixel resolution. From aesthetic point of view, you can see the Apple iPhone 5 negotiating a compromise between moderately thick and short iPhone 4S and Samsung’s Galaxy SIII. So as to play up the vertical and large screen look, Galaxy phones were pitched by Samsung as a stand in for track batons. Likewise the design team of Apple might have acknowledged that tablet released by Galaxy SIII and Microsoft Surface tablet are well popularized for their lightweight portability and profiles.

The Apple iPhone 5 connects to the 4G Network for sharing data and telecommunication purpose. As far as camera is concerned, this smart phone features 8-megapixel senor and it can record video ranging 1080p high-definition at 30 frames per second. Likewise you can enjoy the faster speeds and smoother transitions owing to the combination of fully customized A6 microprocessor and new iOS6 operating system as compared to iPhone 4S. The technical experts seem to be in a real hurry to weigh these new chips against the Qualcomm 1.5 GHz Snapdragon dual-core processor that backs windows 8 phones. It’s predicted by AT&T executives and media outlets like ABC News that iPhone 5 is going to have a record-setting launch.

If you compare Apple iOS6 with Windows 8, it corresponds to a linear growth. Due to the intensive competitiveness of these smart-phones, Nokia and Microsoft are compelled to adhere to the revolution. Follow the highlighted link below to know the distinction in between operating system of android and iphone: android smart apps vs iphone smart apps